Smoothie recipes for weight loss

A smoothie is a thick-textured drink made very simply by mixing berries and fruits with milk or juice. This dessert is by no means new, just its name is unusual: after all, with the advent of mixers, everyone has already made the finest delicacies from the products available.

The main "chip" in the smoothie is to beat the ingredients thoroughly and make them as healthy as possible.

fruit smoothies for weight loss

Therefore, proponents of a healthy diet often add not only delicious foods - honey, sugar, chocolate, jam, ice cream, nuts - but also dietary ingredients - vegetables, herbs, herbs, spices, natural yoghurt, muesli. If you want to make a refreshing drink in the summer heat, adding ice after making it will help.

An incredible variety of smoothies are the result of the experiments of the chefs of the most fashionable restaurants. The delicacy is not only served in vegetarian cafes, but becomes part of the "image" of popular fitness clubs: after all, what could be more useful than all the best products for body and soul health "in one bottle". There are even specialty smoothie cafes in the big cities that offer so much "yummy" that you can turn around. Fast food restaurants and casual supermarkets aren't far behind, but you can rarely find dietary "exotics" like celery, broccoli and spinach. smoothie. These sellers put the main "emphasis" on the excellent taste and low price of the drink.

Blending began in California in the 1930s. The first recipes were based on bananas and pineapples. Later, the culinary passions of American housewives made it possible to diversify the drink, and the trend has reached other countries around the world.

Useful properties and benefits of smoothies

fruit and berry smoothie for weight loss

The popularity of the drink is very high and can be easily explained by the following facts:

  • Smoothies made from sweet foods are delicious. Not surprisingly, as fruits, berries, nuts, syrups, juices and dairy products are enjoyed by adults and children alike. If you mix the ingredients, you can get a "mix" of unique flavors and scents.
  • The drink can also be prepared at home from the available products. In addition, the passion for making smoothies leaves a lot of room for the imagination.
  • To make a smoothie healthy, all you have to do is refuse to add sugar and fortify the drink with natural juice, yogurt, green tea, herbal decoctions, spices, and more. It's that simple!
  • The benefits of smoothies are undeniable: the drink is made using mainly fresh plant-based products that retain all the vitamins, dietary fiber and minerals.
  • The huge amount of antioxidant also makes the drink healing: it helps to cope with many diseases and will be an excellent prevention.
  • Smoothies are much healthier than juice because all the fruit and vegetable pulp remains in it, so there are more healing ingredients and plant fiber. Therefore, improving digestion and cleaning the intestines with a drink is not a problem.
  • With smoothies, it’s easy to survive even Lent: you can avoid stress and collapse through the varied flavors of vegetables and fruits. A special attraction for vegetarians is that they can also include soy products such as tofu or soy cream in their food.
  • The drink is not in vain in the fitness menu: it gives a lot of energy, strengthening the athletes during and after training, while not causing stomach upset.
  • And most importantly for modern women: the smoothie diet has every chance to be one of the finest, healthiest, most balanced and most effective for losing weight. After consuming the drink, the body will not feel hungry for a long time, so it is great for fighting extra pounds. In addition, the composition of milk and dairy products is a good way to enrich the menu with protein foods.

How to eat a smoothie diet?

The main principle of nutrition is to replace harmful, fatty, high-calorie foods with proteins and healthy carbohydrates.

smoothie for weight loss in blender

That is, in addition to smoothies, fish and meat dishes should also be present in the diet. Due to the lack of salt in the smoothie, the stagnation of fluid in the body gradually decreases and cellulite disappears.

Small doses, but their frequent consumption leads to the development of a proper diet, so that the intestines begin to function "clockwise".

In the absence of contraindications, using such a diet can lose 1-1, 5 kg. a week or more. Nevertheless, it is recommended to eat everyday meals at least once a day - such as steamed vegetables, cereals, wholemeal bread, and don’t forget about cold-pressed vegetable oils.

If you can’t make a fresh drink regularly, you can only have it for breakfast and dinner: you’ll still enjoy the result!

Smoothie recipes about kefir

Nothing is easier than making kefir-based slimming smoothies.

You should take 400 ml. low-fat kefir and any suitable fruit or berry. After beating in a blender for 10-15 seconds, other ingredients such as nuts and honey can be added to taste. Intestinal cleansing practitioners are advised to pour a spoonful of bran or dry plant fiber, wait until they are "steamed" and drink.

The easiest way to make smoothies is from kefir and bananas. Due to the high caloric content of this fruit, it is better to consume the drink as a wholesome snack (for example, for breakfast or an afternoon snack). To 400 ml. kefir is quite a fragrant ripe banana. If desired, we can add ice to the smoothie so it will be fresh and cool. If the drink is prepared for breakfast, there will be no need to add a handful of oatmeal or muesli.

There are also drinks that are less tasty but not poorer in composition and are beneficial for weight loss: kefir and vegetable based drinks. For example, celery and kefir smoothies:

  • a glass of chopped celery;
  • 300 ml. kefir.

Blend the ingredients in a blender until puree is obtained. You can grind the celery into cubes in advance and then mix it with kefir. If the drink appears to be completely "unfit" for consumption, it is not forbidden to add a little honey or fruit syrup.

Vegetable smoothie recipes

vegetable smoothie for weight loss

The most popular smoothie recipes on vegetables and herbs:

  1. "Green cocktail". Take the dill, basil, parsley, coriander greens (total - the middle bouquet) and peel off the stem. Mix the ingredients with 100 g. low-fat cottage cheese and 150 ml. milk, half diced cucumber. In a blender, beat everything into a smooth, homogeneous mass.
  2. "Green smoothie" or "Zelenka".Need to add 1 large cucumber, half a peeled lime, a spoonful of honey, a couple of mint leaves. Blend in a blender and enjoy the great fresh taste!
  3. Fruit and vegetable smoothie.For this delicious and interesting recipe, 1 carrot and 4 broccoli roses (chopped) and 1 apple, 80 gr. spinach and 250 ml. orange juice. First grind all the solid ingredients in a blender, then mix the dough with the juice and beat until smooth.
  4. Apple and salad smoothie.Make a drink according to standard technology, including 400 ml. mineral water, 1 tsp. honey, half an apple and 4 lettuce leaves. You can "dilute" the vegetable mixture not with mineral water, but with natural yoghurt.

Delicious smoothie recipes for weight loss and more

You can pamper yourself with a variety of flavors, aromas and colors by making such simple dishes:

kiwi smoothie for weight loss
  • Kiwi smoothie.The most popular version of the recipe is a combination of kiwi, a green apple, some white grapes and a glass of green tea. Drink immediately after preparation. It will be a beautiful and unusual drink if you mix a glass of kefir, 1 kiwi pulp, 50 gr. blueberries, 1 banana. Such smoothies may surprise even experienced "users. "A simple but interesting kiwi recipe: mix kiwi, orange, kefir and a spoonful of honey. Serving guests a drink can earn you universal admiration and recognition!
  • Tomato and strawberry smoothie.Another version of the fruit-vegetable mix with a very good selection of ingredients. To cook you need 1 tomato, a handful of frozen or fresh strawberries, 200 ml. yogurt, honey - to taste.
  • Summer berry smoothie. You can usually make a drink with any berry based on milk or kefir. Smoothies made from dairy product (250 ml), 50 gr. strawberries and 50 gr. raspberries with a pinch of ginger. Many dieters add a little red pepper to such a drink - for a "fat burning" effect.
  • Unusual smoothie.Mix a banana, peach, mango pulp, half a glass of mineral water and a little spinach. Shake and drink for breakfast or afternoon snack. You can also add a few quail eggs to such a drink - it will be even more vitamin and healthier.
  • Nourishing breakfast smoothie.Shake 150 ml. yogurt or kefir, 2 tablespoons Hercules, 1 mango or peach. Let stand for 10 minutes, eat for breakfast.

It should not be forgotten that it is still not worth abusing such foods: if there is no work left for the teeth, they can get sick. The same goes for the stomach, so in moderation everything is good!

Smoothie weight loss reviews

Opinions have been found on the internet - on websites, blogs and forums.

First review, woman, 28 years old

"My opinion: the smoothie diet is quite heavy. It’s hard to keep making these drinks, running for fresh produce. In addition, you need to move away from all your usual and high-calorie intake. But if you adapt, the result is sure to come! I "sat" on a diet for a month, always eating 150 gr for lunch. cooked meat or squid, sometimes eaten fish in the evening. For the rest of the time, I only drank smoothies made from fruits and vegetables. Each week remained 1. 5 kg. And yet, my "trick" - in the evening I steamed cereals with water (oatmeal, buckwheat) and then added them to my morning drink. It has proven to be very delicious and the benefits of porridge without heat treatment are simply huge.

Second rating, woman, 30 years old

"I only had a smoothie diet for 5 days. Drinking drinks is really very delicious. But the lack of the possibility of "chewing" went crazy! During that time, I lost only a pound, but that's not surprising - the body was just starting to get cleaned up. they are less useful than those of vegetables. In general, the experiment is unsuccessful.

Third review, woman, 26 years old

"And I used to eat a lot of vegetables, or rather 'drank. ' I add a drop of soy sauce, and it's done! As long as I take a break, I won’t forget my love for smoothies - I drink fruit - with juices, kefir, green tea. Now I plan to "lean" on berries in the summer, I recommend it to everyone, delicious and healthy! "